Business Consulting

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Matrix Venture Studio Matrix Venture Studio

Business Consulting
Matrix Venture Studio

Customized business consultancy services to drive innovation and growth

We offer a suite of powerful business consultancy services tailored to your unique needs, from startup to enterprise. Our expert team of startup consultants helps you achieve your goals with guidance, strategies, and tools which are designed to align you and your business on a journey of growth and transformation in today's competitive landscape.

We help you solve your biggest challenges.
Matrix Venture Studio

Business Plans

Craft a roadmap for success with our expertly tailored business plans.

Whether you're seeking a bank loan, expanding through franchising, applying for grants, establishing a non-profit, or attracting investors, our comprehensive business plans are designed to showcase your vision, financial projections, and strategic approach. With our guidance, you'll gain the confidence and support needed to make your business thrive.

  • Bank Loan Business Plan
  • Franchise Business Plan
  • Grant Business Plan
  • Non-Profit Business Plans
  • Investor Presentation
Matrix Venture Studio

Startup Advisory

Lay a strong foundation for your Startup with our Startup Advisory services.

From financial modeling and pitch deck creation to feasibility studies to strategic marketing and business plan, we provide the essential tools and insights to launch your business in Canada with confidence. We also assist you in raising capital and securing debt financing, giving your startup a competitive edge.

  • Financial Model
  • Pitch Deck
  • Feasibility Study
  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Corporate Presentation
  • Capital Raising
  • Debt Financing
  • Investor Business Plan
  • Executive
Matrix Venture Studio

Pitch Decks

Craft compelling pitch decks that captivate investors and stakeholders

Our creative pitch deck consulting team will help you showcase your unique value proposition and growth potential through persuasive presentations that open doors to new opportunities. Covering every element necessary for a professional pitch deck, our business model pitch decks match your business plans end-to-end.

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Your Solution
  • Overview of the Product or Service
  • Business Model
  • Traction
  • Industry and Market Insights
  • Competition Landscape
  • Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Team Profiles
  • Financial Projections
Matrix Venture Studio

Market Research

Gain a competitive edge with our data-driven market research services

We provide in-depth market research services, competitive analysis, location insights, and pricing strategies to help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. As one of the best market research companies in Canada, our deep understanding of customer behavior and industry trends empowers you to navigate the complexities of the Canadian market confidently.

  • Market Overview
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Location Analysis
  • Price Analysis and Product Comparison
  • Data Analysis
our top-rated services
our top-rated services
Our Business Consultancy Services Are For
Aspiring Entrepreneurs

If you have a business idea but need help developing a solid business plan, our startup advisory service can help you create a strategic business plan for a bank loan, franchise, grant, non-profit, or investor presentation.


If you are ready to grow, our startup advisory service provides the tools and expertise you need. We can help you build a financial model, create a pitch deck, conduct a feasibility study, and develop a strategic business plan. We can also help you raise capital, secure debt financing, and create an investor business plan and executive summary. Take the business world by storm.

Established Businesses Seeking Funding

If you are an established business looking for funding, our pitch deck consulting service makes an impact. We can help you create captivating professional pitch decks and presentations that will make a lasting impression on potential investors and stakeholders.

Market Analysts

If you are a business in Canada looking to make data-driven decisions, our market research services will streamline your process. We provide in-depth analysis of market overviews, competitive analysis, location insights, price analysis, product comparisons, value chain analysis, and potential client lists.

Matrix Venture Studio Matrix Venture Studio
Matrix Venture Studio
FAQ’s - Business Consulting

We cover a wide range of areas including strategic business planning, market research, financial management, operational movement, pitch deck creation, IP implementation, and much more.

No, there aren’t any specific regulations for business consultants in Canada but we have to adhere to the law of the land while helping you craft your perfect business plan. We always stick to industry-standards and government regulations, as applicable.

We can provide you with expert advice to help your business maximize efficiency, capitalize on opportunities, give in-depth market analysis, offer an ‘outside-in’ approach with specialized skills and insights based on your target Canadian market.

The costs vary depending on the scope of work involved. It is advisable to get in touch with us on or call us on +1(416) discuss pricing upfront and get clarity on what services are included.